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            The Cost of the Armageddon Concealed Carry class is $75.00.

ABOUT US ---- Our purpose is to assist and train responsible Ohio citizens who wish exert their second amendment right to obtain their Ohio Concealed Handgun License (CHL). Our goal is to make that process as simple and as economical as possible. Armageddon Concealed Carry's responsibility to our clients are to teach you the basic pistol course following the National Rifle Association’s Guidelines on gun safety, safe gun handling procedures and safe gun storing procedures. Upon completion of our course you will have everything you need to apply to the Sheriff’s Office and obtain your CHL. Not all classes elsewhere will go into the mindset of actually using your handgun to defend yourself. We of course hope that you never end up in that situation, but on the chance that you do, we cover the body’s natural responses to aggression, tactics, awareness, and the physiological after effects of an encounter. Our lead Instructor has certifications in three different areas, Personal Protection in the Home, Basic Pistol Shooting and Firearm Safety. We are not a certificate mill. We concentrate on giving the best training possible while maintaining a great student to teacher ratio. Our classes are limited in size to guarantee that ratio. We have NRA Certified Instructors and qualified range officers to guide you through every step of the class curriculum. Our Instructors will introduce you to the different types of firearms and ammunition, pistol cleaning procedures, firearm selection, the different ways to carry concealed, how to protect your home and your loved ones, how to interact with law enforcement and other subjects relevant to responsible handgun ownership.

We enjoy what we do and we want you to have a superlative learning experience so that you can walk away from our class with the knowledge and confidence to meet the requirements and obligations of your Ohio CHL.

"YOU don't want to bet YOUR life on inferior training!"

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